Ms. Lillian Abernathy - Housemother 1950'-1960's



Stephen D Ankiel - Director 1983-1993

2011, He currently works as the Program Manager Long Term Care for The Department of Medical Assistance Services in Richmond, VA.

[photo taken at one of the 1980's Homecomings]


Helen Baptist - Tucker Cottage Housemother early 1960's - known as Ms. Baptist


Margaret C Brown - During her early years, she worked in laundry at Jacksonfield Home from which she retired. On July 22, 2008, Margaret celebrated her 100th birthday.


Mrs. Alfred Bush


Rose Marie Callis


Alice Faye Chappell 


Hazel Mae Childs


Su D "Clauson" Wicker - Housemother 1972-1973 / summer 1975 & 1977


Joyce A Cofield


Margaret Cox - Housemother


Karen Davies - Social Worker - approx. 1983-1984? (not sure if she lived on campus)? 


Paula E Davies - Social Worker (approx. 1983-1984)


Beverly L Dilwith -  


Rose Dorthmundt -


Lula O "Adams" Doss - Housemother


Myrna J "Dusso" Such - Tucker Cottage Housemother (sometime during the late 60's and very early 70's) - {photo taken at one of the 1980's Homecomings} - known as Ms. Dusso



Edith Myra Gage - Matron & Headmistress 1920-1933 / Superintendent 1933-1959 

She gave forty years of devotion, love and understanding to making this a HOME for more than 150 girls. It is a fitting tribute to say that her name is the synonym for Jackson-Feild Home and that her girls used more affectionate titles than superintendent - often that of Mother or Mama, or Ma Gage!



Pam Hall - Marshall Cottage Lead Housemother around 1988 - Known as Mrs. Hall


Louise (Weesie) "Jefferson" Holloway - 1950's-2006 - Housekeeping Supervisor

{photo taken at one of the 1980's Homecomings} - lovingly known as Weesie to all the girls!

Daisy Walshe Lowe - Matron 


The Reverend  Norman Fitzhugh Marshall - 1st Superintendent (1922-1933)

He was Rector of Meherrin Parish, Purdy, Virginia who started a movement to establish an orphanage for girls due to the Nation-Wide Campaign of the Protestant Episcopal Church.


Stephen "Steve" John  Martin - Director (1979-1983) - currently works as Assistant Professor of Psychology at Brevard College located in Brevard, N.C.


Ms. Pearl Morris - Tucker Cottage Housemother 1950's - 1960's


Judy Carolyn Riddle Osborne - 1970's
Onyx Wayne (Cowboy) Osborne - 1970's


The Rev George Joel Smith - Director 1966-1975 - known as Mr. Smith

Mr. Smith, his wife Betty and their three young daughters (Deborah, Martha and Rachel) came to Jackson-Feild in 1966. A Rectory was built in the old apple orchard to accomodate his family. The first for Jackson-Feild.

He officially retired in 1994; he passed away December 15, 2010 at his home in Clarksville, Virginia and is buried at Hickory Neck Church in Toana, Virginia.


Angie Swanger - Darden Housemother (during the very early 70's) - known as Ms. Angie


Robert C Talley - 1960's-1970's Our farmer and friend! 


Maureen Thompson - Darden Housemother (during the very early 70's) - known as Ms. Maureen


Lona Belle Weatherly - Superintendent (Jan 1, 1960 - 1966) - lovingly known as Ms. Weatherly

Miss Weatherly came from one of our sister Dioceses, that of East Carolina in the summer of 1959 and took over her duties on January 1, 1960 when Ms Gage retired. She began her career as a Church worker in 1927 when she was appointed a United Thank Offering missionary of their church under its National Council. Her appointment was as a rural missionary, both evangelistic and educational at Galilee Mission, Lake Phelps, and Creswell, North Carolina. She worked in this field until September 1955 when she went to St. Margaret’s House, in Berkeley, California for two years study and trained in Christian Education. In July 1957 she accepted the position of parish Director of Christian Education at St. Mary’s Episcopal Church in High Point, North Carolina. At her two former positions she worked with both adults and children, but her training has been primarily for working with children. She had instruction in Child Psychology, Counseling, Personal Relationships and Adult Leadership; all of which she found very useful in her position with Jackson-Feild. She retired at the age of 59 and moved to Richmond. Linda Sue and I had visited her at Westminster Canterbury in the 1980's. She passed away on March 10, 1989 at the age of 81.


Martha Isabelle Webb

A favorite housemother at Jackson-Feild, she left in 1973 - known as Ms. Webb

She was born on November 14,1914 in Greenville, SC. After World War II, she trained with the mission field in the Episcopal Church. She was assigned to St. Mark's Mission in Nenana, Alaska, where she served for 12 years among the Eskimos, first as a housemother and then as Supervisor of the Mission. When the Mission closed, she went to Arizona to serve among the Navajo Indians. She lived on the reservation at Coalmine near Fort Definance, Arizona. After many years there, she went to Jackson-Feild Home in Jarratt, Virginia as a Housemother. She left in 1973 and moved back home to Beaufort, SC and passed away on June 5th and is buried in the church cemetery. A chapter of the Episcopal Churchwomen called St. Marks was formed in honor of her service with the Indians and Eskimos at St. Marks Mission in Alaska. The Martha Webb Memorial Scholarship Fund, established in her honor and memory, benefits young people in their education endeavors.   


Annie Mae Williams - Laundress 1950's - 1960's 

Martha "Williams" Lynch - Housemother 1970's - known as Ms. Martha


Mrs. Ethel Wiseman - Cook 1960s-1970's


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