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From these obscure beginnings, Jackson-Field was born…

One can envision the generations of hairstyles, fashions, jargon, furniture and décor, modes of transportation, plowshares and farming Jackson-Field has witnessed since,

or imagine the sweltering summers and silent snowfalls they have withstood through the years.

The Episcopal Home for Girls

Ms. Gage and Dorothy Louise "Rae" Hart - The original Rectory before addition was added sits in a cotton field - Ms. Gage and two unidentified girls - July 1920

A housemother and 10 girls standing in mule drawn wagon cart (notice the whip at left corner).

This photo was probably taken between 1920-1923 at the Rectory BEFORE the addition was added on or their move to Walnut Grove.

In 1925 when the twelve Norfolk orphans came to Jackson-Feild there would be a total of thirty-two girls. Six of the girls continued to live there another five years due to their special health care needs. Notice the old hand water pump on the right side of the photo.

Two housemothers (one is in the Wagon holding a small child) and 9 girls standing in a mule drawn western type supply wagon.

This photo was taken sometime between 1921 & 1929 and is probably from one of the "Orphan Asylums" in Norfolk, Virginia as it is definitely NOT the Rectory  in Purdy or  Walnut Grove. 

Notice this is NOT the same house nor wagon shown in the 1st photo.The window is farther from the corner of the houseand and it's a different type wagon.

Photos from the Independent Messenger 1937

Article on "Jackson-Feild Episcopal Home for Girls"


July 1, 1920 the official “Episcopal Home for Girls” was opened in a house built for a Rectory by Grace Episcopal Church, but never utilized as such. Dorothy Louise Hart (pictured above) was the first girl to be recieved by a very young and inexperienced Ms. Edith Gage who had volunteered to help and was employed as Matron by Rev. N.F. Marshall. At the end of 1920, there were 6 girls in residence.

 In September of 1925 it was decided in the interested of economy, the Jackson Orphan Asylum of Norfolk and the Episcopal Home for Girls in Prudy, Virginia should combine their work and pool their resources. It was in total agreement that a country location would be “socially desirable and healthful” for the twelve girls still in Norfolk to move with the twenty girls from Greensville County. For five years the Rectory continued to be used as a home for the six girls whose health necessitated special care.

The hyphenated name "Jackson-Feild" was chosen to honor the memory of the two great men who had the faith to make it happen so the Home was chartered by the General Assembly as "Jackson-Feild Episcopal Home for Girls".

The photo of "Fairy Glen" we beleive to have been taken at the dedication in 1932 by Rev. Marshall where there is a consecrated Alter built from stones the girls brought out of the Nottaway river.



The girls from the "Episcopal Home for Girls" made up a large part of the choir and of the Youth Group of the church. They shared in many of the activities of the Parish. There has always been a close relationship between the members of Grace Church and the people of "Jackson-Feild Episcopal Home".


In May of 1922, Mr. and Mrs. George W. Feild gave their ancestral home, “Walnut Grove” and seventy acres of land to the Home. The Rev. Marshall started renovating in July 1923. Miss Gage, with ten girls, moved into Walnut Grove and it was to be the only building other than the barns until 1963.

During the great depression (1929-1940) the plans for expansion of Jackson-Feild were not realized but due to the discomforts of the original house brought about the construction of the rear and north additions.

The older girls slept on the second floor and the younger ones on the main floor as well as the "sleeping porch" that was added much later. 


Again during the great depression (1929-1940) the plans for expansion of Jackson-Feild were not realized but due to the discomforts of the original house brought about the construction of the rear and north additions. As the home grew they began to take in many more girls so the large sun porch addition was added later to house some of the girls until Tucker Cottage was built. 


Probably their first motor bus!

A group of girls and three unidentfied staff members.

(from the haircuts and clothing styles this was probably taken in the 1920's)


Independent Messenger

June 14, 1929


Independent Messenger - 1937

George Wythe Feild's mother


 Photo of the old High School.

The Town of Emporia was chartered as the City of the Second Class by an act of the General Assembly on July 31, 1967. At this time, it became a separate political entity from Greensville County. The Town of Jarratt, located in northern Greensville County and partly located in southern Sussex County, was incorporated by order of the Circuit Court of Sussex County on June 20, 1938. There are no other incorporated communities in Greensville Count. This is the school they orginially attended.

 Mary Briggs was married to James Cocke Feild (born at Walnut Grove on May 25, 1862) County Surveyor and Antiquarian.



 Early Photo of Walnut Grove BEFORE any additions

Edward Carter Feild (son of George & Laura Jane Feild) shown seated bareback on horse (photo NOT taken at Walnut Grove), Could that possibly be his mom, "Jennie" on the porch looking out?

Edward served on the Board of Jackson-Feild for over 20 years.

Edward Carter Feild (11/2/1902 - 12/18/1980)


George Wythe Feild with only surviving child, Edward Carter Feild

 This photo was taken BEFORE Rev. Marshall had the NEW heating system installed in Walnut Grove. Since the renovations began around July 1923; this is possibly for the "Episcopal Home for Girls" BEFORE it officially became "Jackson-Feild Episcopal Home for Girls".

Mr. & Mrs. Marshall with girls outside side entrance to Walnut Grove

 (photo taken before 1933)

Ms. Gage or "Ma Gage" as we all loved to call her!

Ma Gage with Staff and girls on front porch of Walnut Grove

Miss Abernathy on far left

Students board the Jackson-Feild bus for Grace Church

(of course I noticed suitcases so I am not sure why it says they are going to Church)

Picking peas from the front fields for dinner was one of the chores given!

 Students seated for dinner in the basement at Walnut Grove, remember those old metal milk pitchers!

Cooling off in the summertime (is this the pool at Slagles Lake in 1937 or the old town pool?)

June Doss Low

 Ms. Abernathy, Ms. Gage & Mrs. Lowe

Sepember 14, 1958 Homecoming at Jackson-Feild 

(notice the pathway that leads from Walnut Grove  that somehow disappeared in the late 1960's)

Jonnie Seegers striking a pose! 

 Jonnie Seegers striking another pose!


Jonnie Seegers styling her outfit! 


Jonnie Seegers dressed in her Sunday Best!

Jonnie Seegers 


Jonnie Seegers with siblings Gloria,  Jasmine, Diane, & Chippy!

Homecoming  early 1950's

 Jean "Topping" Bentley at Homecoming - September 12, 1954

Homecoming - September 11, 1955

Homecoming - September 11, 1955 

Ethel "Langley" Pearson, Peggy "Poole" Faison and Ms. Gage - Homecoming - September 9, 1956

Lester Harrell, Ms. Hollis, Irene "Lynch" Harrell and Lynn - September 1959 

Emersen Spivey (not sure if husband of Virginia Harrison) hanging out at the old tree by the  front entrance to Jackson-Feild. 


 Senior Gains Title



Probably taken sometime in 1963 around the piano in Walnut Grove.


Taken the Fall of 1964 while unloading behind Tucker Cotttage.

Teenage girls in the 1960's often wore penny loafers with skirts and matching knee socks. Their older sisters were more likely to wear them with pantyhose or even bare legs, with either skirts or slacks. During that era, girls were still not allowed to wear pants on most campuses but wore kilts with button--down oxford shirts and crew-necked cardigans instead.

Judith Phillips playing while we all looked on

Fall 1964 Independent Messenger

The "Merry-Go-Round" 

In 1967 All God's children got Wheels! (notice Mr. Smith in back of group) - Girls in front are Debra Talbott, Sandra Toone, ? and Patty Batton 

Emporia Newspaper 1967 - Judy Weiss

 JFEH "Green Hornet" Bus (about 1955) - shows right side of Walnut Grove with the "Sleeping Porch" still attached; as well as the old Water Tower in rear along with the old pump house, this is not the Dining Hall built in 1963!

This is where we receive our vistors and friends. 

Here we entertain our guests, friends and our parents. 

But honestly, Miss Weatherly, I didn't do that. "Someone else must have broken that chair." 

 Won't be long girls! That date will soon be here!

 But I have my typewriting test to pass. I must practice" "Will you please be quiet! I have a telephone call"? "I think it is fun to play the piano.


It is conducive to worship?(toning, hair drying)  

 Too bad that Tina Harlow had to be sick! That medicine doesn't taste good.


"This is fun! Just wish that we had a larger play room" 


It is three o'colck...can we get up now?


The sleeping porch is either too cold or too hot! Cold in the winter and hot in the summer.



The Dining Room and Kitchen






 Well that meal is over! What shall I have for the next?


"Scrape those dishes, girls. You know I have to wash them tonight." And will you please hurry?


 Girls, Girls, please don't play with those dishes!"


 How many of you good people have tried to study when the TV was going or when a group of children were playing games? You should try it!


This is where the girls from Jackson Orphanage roomed when the two Homes became ONE. 


Watch out girls, man on the stairs! Is the coast clear?

Garland Yates  - In charge of maintenance


 A corner where we don't like to be! This was later used as Ms. Wiseman's Apartment.


 Why can't we sleep up here? I think it would be lots of fun!


Hurry girls, we are a bit late this morning. You don't have too much time before the school bus!





Now that you have seen OUR HOME and something of how we live, may we tell you in pictures something about our many and varied activities?


Schedule for school months:

5:45 AM - Rising bell, dressing and making beds

6:30 AM - Prayers

6:45 AM - Breakfast

7:00 AM - Dish washing, and performng our assigned tasks and getting ready for school.

7:40 AM - School bus 

 I will be glad when I change jobs, I never liked to clean this cold porch!


Why do we have to clean up this mess? We didn't play the record player!  


Getting off the school bus at the end of the pathway!


Janie, are these yours? 


 This is fun...sometimes


Catch that ball, Dorothy!


 Younger girls playing on the famous "Monkey Bars"!

See the famouse "Sleeping Porch" attached

 Work is finished, now for a run to Jimmy's turn!

Notice the "cat" house in background


 "Let's play house!"

One of our favorite pastimes...remember having play moms!


 We have lots of fun riding Feildy our beautiful horse!

Taken about 1966/1977 as Ms. Webb and Mr. Smith are pictured.


 GIRLS! GIRLS! (even the laundry has to be done sometime!)


Betty Jean McKinney - GCHS Homecoming Queen


Ms. Lona Belle Weatherly working at her desk! (check out that typewriter!)


Mr. Talley with some of the girls

OUR farmer and friend! 


 Staff members from left to right

Mrs. Ethel Wiseman (cook), Mrs. Louise Holloway (housekeeping), Miss Weatherly (Superintendent), Miss Abernathy (housemother), Mrs. Margaret Cox  (housemother), Miss Pearl Morris (Tucker Cottage housemother) and Annie Mae Williams (laundress)


Debbie "Hall" - Greeensville County Elementary School - 1967

 Valerie "Hall" - Greeensville County Elementary School - 1967

Debbie "Hall" & Valerie "Hall" - Greensville County Elmentary School -1967

Linda Sue "Hall" - Greensville County Elementary School - 1967

 Linda Sue "Hall" dressed for Easter Sunday!

 Linda  Sue "Hall" catching some rays in the front yard - 1968

 Linda Sue "Hall" with Misty - 1967

 Linda Sue "Hall" in her room in Walnut Grove just off from the Sleeping Porch - 1968

 Betty "Karnes" and friends at Greensville County High School - 1967

 Betty "Karnes" ouside Tucker Cottage - 1967

Ground breaking for the Robinson-Withers Recreational Hall, Fall 1970

Front row: Patty Batton, Diane Skelton, Darlene Slattery, ?, Brenda Stout, ?, ?, Wanda Clarke, Charlotte Clarke

Back row: Dr. Christian and the Rev. George Smith, Mrs. Christian.?, ?, Ms Webb, Ms. Bernie & Ms. Wiseman

Kathy Jo Lynn ~ 3rd Place Winner in Science Fair Competition!

Charlotte Clarkes photo is under the 1 in "1971" ~ Not sure if any other home girls are pictured or not???

Betty "Carrier" & Patty "Baker" at Sandbridge, VA

Betty "Carrier" & Patty "Baker" goofing off at Sandbridge, VA 

Betty "Carrier" & Patty "Baker" at Sandbridge, VA  

Patty "Baker"  at Sandbridge, VA

Suzanne "Crumpton", Barbara "Clarke" & Connie Ayers at Sandbridge, VA 

Betty "Carrier" & Patty "Baker" after the carnival came to town! 

Betty "Carrier" outside Darden Cottage 

Betty "Carrier & Patty "Baker" with boyfriends Lynn Scott & Herbie Dunlow 

Remember when you were either a nurse, secretary or homemaker....congrats to Jackie Brooks and Mandy Dickinson!!!! No small feat back in the day...

Charlotte Clarke - Honorable Mention for Science Fair Projects 1972

Greensville County Junior High School 1972 FHA Club - Valerie Hall and Debbie Talbott

Betty "Carrier", Kathy Jo "Lynn" & Beverly "Ford" 

 Debbie "Hall"  & Valerie "Hall" - outside FBI Building - Washington, DC Trip 1972

Debbie "Hall" & Debbie "Talbott" -  Washington, DC Trip 1972

Debbie "Hall" & Patty "Hammel" with FBI Guide at FBI Building - Washington, DC Trip 1972

 Jean "Parham, Ms Maureen, Barbara "Clarke", Charlotte "Clarke", Ellen "Carrier", Donna "Carrier", Carrie "Osterbind", Judith "Phillips", Patty "Hammel" & Mickie "Advensky"-Outside front fence of White House waiting for tour - 1972

View from White House South Portico overlooking the National Mall - Washington, DC trip 1972 

 Laurel & Rick Clark's (house parents in Tucker Cottage) - Arrival Day August 1972

 Sandra Toone with Snowball & Tom August 1972

Ellen "Carrier" with Ringo!

 Ellen "Carrier" in front of Darden Cottage

Ellen "Carrier" in front of Darden Cottage 

Patty "Baker" and Frosty gearing up for a ride!

Herbie Dunlow & Patty "Baker" (sit home date) 1972

Herbie Dunlow & Patty "Baker" (sit home date) 1972

 Kathy Jo "Lynn" & Beverly "Ford"

Kathy Jo "Lynn", Patty "Baker" & Betty "Carrier" - cooling off in the horse trough since they couldn't go down to the Nottaway River to swim!

 Margaret "Goodman" & Patty "Baker"

 Patty "Baker" & Betty "Carrier" striking a pose!

Patty "Baker" & Betty "Carrier" horsing around!

Patty "Baker" & Ellen "Carrier" horsing around!

Patty "Baker" & Herbie Dunlow (Sunday Date)

Patty "Baker" with Ringo & Puppy

 Patty "Baker" after going to the Carnival with Herbie Dunlow

 Patty "Baker" & stuff animals won at the Carnival

Patty "Baker" 

Patty "Baker" 

 Patty "Baker" at 4-H Camp

Patty "Baker" hanging out before getting ready for date! 

Patty "Baker" playing with Ringo & the puppy!

Patty "Baker", Betty "Carrier" & Ellen "Carrier" back yard of Darden Cottage 

Patty "Baker"  

Patty "Baker" & Betty "Carrier" at 4-H Camp - anyone having fun yet?

Thomas "Whitby" & Star "McClelland" on date night! 

Betty "Carrier" heading to class at Greensville County Junior High - 1972

 Betty "Carrier" outside Darden Cottage - remember our white bus?

 Debbie "Hall" in front of Darden Cottage - 1972

Debbie "Hall" with Belle - 1972

 Debbie "Hall" with Misty & Belle (front pasture) - 1972

 Donnie Taylor & Valerie "Hall" (sit home date)

 Molli "Hicks" & Robin "Fisher" goofing off!

Robin "Fisher" & Molli "Hicks" 

 Robin "Fisher"

 Mandy "Dickinson" on Cherokee (at home visit in Ivy, VA)

 Betty "Carrier" & Donna Kay "Carrier" - 1972

Charlotte "Clarke", Mandy "Dickinson" , Ms. Martha & Cynthia "White"

Ms. Angie (Angie Swanger) & Patsy "Ray" goofing off in her living quarters. 

Ms. Angie (Angie Swanger - Darden Housemother) 

Carrie "Osterbind" at Sandbridge catching some rays! 

Kay "Stephens" striking a pose! 

 Mandy "Dickinson" & Star McClelland playing with puppy!

 Patsy "Ray" & Donna Kay "Carrier" back yard of Darden Cottage

Patsy "Ray" with Ringo in the Darden Living Room - Aug 1972 

Patsy "Ray", Kathy Jo "Lynn" & Mandy "Dickinson" outside Gage Dining Hall 

Patsy "Ray" outside Darden Cottage back yard 

Patty "Baker" & Patsy "Ray" posing with Irish thoses get ups! 

  Patty "Baker" visiting with her siblings

Constance "Connie" Ayers and Barbara Clarke - 1973 GCHS Annual 

Michelle "Mickie" Advenski (on left) - 1973 GCHS Annual 

 Constance "Connie " Ayers (#33 - 3rd from left) - 1973 GCHS Annual Photo

 Amanda Dickinson  and Judy Phillips - January 6, 1973

 Charlotte and Wanda Clarke with Rick Clark

Connie Ayers - GCHS 1974

Burnette Kalenstein & Betty Hammel 1974

 Darlene Slattery and Butterball 1974

Darlene Slattery and Butterball 1974 

 Ann Rasmussen

Diane Skelton and Darlene Slattery with Pepper the Border Collie 

 Ms. Angie Swanger 1974

Spring 1975 - wind blew tree onto roof of Tucker Cottage

Spring 1975 - wind blew tree onto roof of Tucker Cottage

(left to right) Donna Burton, Patty Batton, Wanda Clarke, Diane Skelton, ? Ann Rasmussen, Cindy White & Cathy Burton 1975

 (left to right) Diane Skelton, ? Ann Rasmussen, Darlene Slattery, Wanda Clarke, Cindy White, Cathy & Donna Burton - 1975

Same Group - 1975

 1975 (left to right) 

back: Cindy White, Donna Burton, ?, Miss Ruth Miller, Diane skelton

front: Darlene Slattery & Butterball, Cathy Burton, Wanda Clark, Patty Batten, Ann Rasmussen

1975 (left to right)

back: Cindy White, ?, Miss Ruth Miller, Diane Skelton, Ann Rassmussen

front: Darlene Slattery & Butterball, Cathy Burton, Wanda Clarke, Patty Batten

 Our own "Ms. Martha" a resident of Doodlum (article from Independent Messenger)

 Wayne Osborne - maintenacne man (married to Onyx) about 1975

Wayne Osborne about 1975 

 Man made pond across dirt road from Fairy Glen about 1975



 Man made pond across dirt road from Fairy Glen about 1975





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