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The spelling of "Field" was changed to "Feild" to make them correct.


 July 26, 1919 – Richmond Times Dispatch

Andrew Feild Eppes

Andrew Field Eppes died July 23 at his home in Stony Creek, VA in his seventy-fourth year. He was the son of the late Dr. B. F. Eppes and Anne Elizabeth Feild. He was a Confederate veteran, volunteering at the age of seventeen serving during the entire war. He saw service in the heavy artillery at Drewry’s Bluff and Dutch Gap, serving under Captain B. J. Eppes and later under Ewell. He was a lifelong resident of Sussex County.

He married Miss Nellie Harrison, daughter of the late James Henry Harrison and Frances Anne Smith of Sussex who with the following sisters and brothers survive him; Mrs. F. L. Anderson of Spartanburg, SC; Mrs. W. N. Jarrett of Jarrett; T. A. Eppes of Boydton; George Wythe Eppes of Stony Creek and many nieces and nephews among whom is Dr. B. F. Eppes of Richmond. The deceased was a lifelong member of the Presbyterian Church and was buried Thursday, July 24 in the old family cemetery near Stony Creek, VA.


May 15, 1924 – Richmond Times Dispatch

Church Council Closes Session

NORFOLK, VA – May 14 – Election of officers and discussion of a proposal for the merger of the Jackson Orphan Asylum here with the Purdy Home at Jarratt marked the closing sessions of the Episcopal council of the Diocese of Southern Virginia here today.

Officers re-elected included: Rev. W. A. Brown, D. D. Portsmouth, secretary; W. W. Old, Jr., Norfolk treasurer and Judge Tomas H. Wilcox, Norfolk chancellor.


June 22, 1925 - Richmond Times Dispatch

RICHMOND, VA - Mr. and Mrs. M. M. Anderson, 3170 Monument Avenue, Dr. Charles King officiating. Only a very few were present because of deep mourning in the bride’s family. The bride is the daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Vivian Lee Eppes of this city. The groom is the son of Mr. and Mrs. James C. Feild of Emporia.

Mr. and Mrs. Feild will be at home after July 1, at 3120 Kensington Avenue.


 January 10, 1926 – Richmond Times Dispatch

Mrs. I. E. Spatig left Monday for Jarratt, VA, where she has recently been appointed Assistant Matron of the Jackson-Feild Episcopal Home.


January 3, 1926 - Richmond Times Dispatch

Emporia Has Busy Period

EMPORIA, VA - Jan 2 - Christmas week has been gay with parties, teas, dances and family reunions. On Tuesday evening, the Kiwanis Club entertained the girls of the Jackson-Feild Home for Girls, which is near Emporia. The decorations were all suggestive of Christmas, with a lovely three full gifts for the members of the home, and Santa Claus present to make it a jolly occasion for all present. Miss Gage, Miss Fannie Urquart and Rev. N. F. Marshall were also guests of the club.


April 24, 1927 - Richmond Times Dispatch

Mrs. G. H. Finch, Mrs. Belle Park and Miss Courtney Cogbill motored to Purdy Tuesday to take two little orphan girls to Jackson-Feild Episcopal Home.


December 24, 1927 - Richmond Times Dispatch

Kiwanis Club Dinner Hosts Tuesday Night

"Seventeen Children Enjoy Event; Christmas Tree Filled With Gifts"

EMPORIA, VA - Dec 22 - The Kiwanis Club was host at a Christmas dinner served to the children of Jackson-Feild Home in the Legion Hall on Tuesday night. Seventeen children were present, with the Rev. N. F. Marshall, the superintendent of the home and his co-workers, Miss Edith Gage and Miss Urquart. Santa Claus distributed gifts from a gorgeous Christmas tree. This is an annual event in Emporia

December 23, 1928 - Richmond Times Dispatch

LAWRENCEVILLE, VA - Miss Bertha Harrison, who has been spending the winter here with Mrs. I. E. Spatig while attending the Lawrenceville High School left this week for the Jackson-Feild Home at Purdy where she will spend the Christmas Holidays.

 December 23, 1928 - Richmond Times Dispatch

BRIGGS - Andrew Gessner Briggs died Sunday at 11:30 forenoon, December 30th. He is survived by two sons William J. and Andrew G., Jr. his sisters Miss M. R. Briggs, Mrs. Hein R. Buford; brother, A Sidney Briggs of Richmond, VA and brothers James W and Joseph P Briggs and sisters Mrs. James C. Feild, Laura I and Fannie B. Briggs of St. James Episcopal Church Monday, December 31st at 3 P. M. Interment in Hollywood.


January 27, 1929 - Richmond Times Dispatch

Plan Initiated to Build New Girl's Cottage

"Woman's Auxiliary of the Southern Episcopal Dioceses Head of Move"

The Woman’s Auxiliary of the Episcopal Diocese of Southern Virginia has inaugurated plans to build an additional cottage at the Jackson-Feild Episcopal Home for Girls in the country near Greensville County. This will be a memorial to Mrs. Maria Washington Tucker, wife of the Bishop of the Southern Virginia.

The cottage will give better accommodations for the little girls, suitable rooms for the house mother, and a much-needed infirmary. The executive committee to arrange for this cottage includes: Dr. H. H. Covington, honorary chairman; Colonel James Mann, Vice-Chairman; C. Wiley Grandy, Chairman of special gifts; Mrs. Frank Holladay, secretary; W. B. Baldwin, treasurer; Mrs. Walter Whichard, Mrs. Charles R. Grandy and Mrs. Frank W. Darling. It is hoped the sufficient contributions will be secured to make the building of the cottage possible.

“Walnut Grove” about twelve miles from Emporia, is the old homestead that shelters the girls of the Jackson-Feild Home. This home, founded in 1920 was made possible through the generosity of Mr. and Mrs. George W. Feild and the work of the Rev. Norman Marshall, superintendent, and Miss Edith Gage, housemother. The present home is very much crowded and the new cottage is a necessity.


October 26, 1930 - Richmond Times Dispatch

Elmore-Feild Nuptials Held

LAWRENCEVILLE, VA - The wedding of Miss Elizabeth Harrison Elmore, daughter of Mrs. Thomas Milton Elmore and the late Thomas Milton Elmore of Lawrenceville, and Edward Carter Feild of Columbia, SC was solemnized Wednesday night, October 22 in the Baptist Church of Lawrenceville. The ceremony was performed by the Rev. John H. Bunn, pastor of the church, assisted by the Rev. N. F. Marshall, rector of Grace Episcopal Church, Purdy, VA. Some of the out of town guest were Mrs. J. W. Feild, Mr. and Mrs. N. F. Marshall, Miss Gage. Shortly after the ceremony they left for a Southern trip. After November 1 they will make their home in Columbia, SC.


November 14, 1931 - Richmond Times Dispatch

Episcopal Campaign Will Open Tomorrow 

Visiting clergymen and laymen will present the fall campaign of the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia in many of the churches throughout the diocese tomorrow, H. G. Ross, secretary of the campaign announced yesterday. A speaker’s bureau has been organized and rectors and church officials who desire guest speakers to be sent to their churches from diocesan headquarters have been requested to Mr. Ross at his office at 110 West Franklin Street.

Church of the Good Shepherd - The Rev. H. N Laws, rector; church school, 9:30 A. M.; morning prayer and sermon, 11 A.M.; the Rev. N. E. Marshall of the Jackson-Feild Home, Jarratt, VA will preach evening prayer and sermon 8 P. M.


July 31, 1932 - Richmond Times Dispatch

LAWRENCEVILLE, VA – Mrs. I. E. Spatig, who has been at the Jackson-Field Home for Girls during the months of June and July returned this week and will be at her home here for the remainder of the Summer.


October 25, 1932 - Richmond Times Dispatch

RICHMOND, VA - The Woman’s Auxiliary of the National Council, Dioceses of Southern Virginia, will convene its fortieth annual session this evening at 8 o’clock at St. Luke’s Church, Cowardin Avenue and Bainbridge Street. It will also continue until tomorrow and Thursday. The Thursday session will begin at 9:30 A. M. at St. Luke’s Church with a business session. The community house will be discussed followed by talks on Chatham Hall by Chatham Hall by Mrs. Edmund Lee and Jackson-Feild Home by Miss Edith Gage.

The bride entered the church alone. She was a lovely in a summer frock of blue chiffon and carried an arm bouquet of swainsonia and asters. The ring ceremony was used. After the wedding Mr. and Mrs. Spivey left for a trip to Roanoke.

They will be home in Emporia after September 10.


August 30, 1933 - Richmond Times Dispatch

Spivey-Harrison Nuptials Held 

EMPORIA, VA - August 29 - Of much interest generally was the marriage at Grace Episcopal Church, Purdy, on Sunday Morning at 11 o'clock of Miss Virginia Harrison of Purdy and Emerson Leo Spivey of Emporia, VA.

The wedding ceremony was performed by the Rev. N. F. Marshall, rector of Grace Church. Before the wedding Miss Edith Gage, organist rendered a number of selections and during the ceremony the church choir of which the bride was a member rendered two selections.

William A. Spivey of Emporia, brother of the bridegroom, acted as best man. Ned Phelps and Carter Feilds of Jarratt served as ushers. Miss Bertha Harrison, sister of the bride, was maid of honor and Miss Edith Harrison, another sister of the bride, was bridesmaid. With Clora More and Ellise Baker flower girls and Josephine Baker ribbon girl.


December 10, 1933 - Richmond Times Dispatch

Auxiliary to Meet

EMPORIA, VA - The Woman’s Auxiliary of St. John’s Episcopal Church will meet Monday afternoon at 3:30 o’clock at the home of Mrs. Ida Mason, 313 Allen Avenue, at which time there will be an election of officers. All members are urged to bring a donation for the Christmas box for Jackson-Feild Home.


May 13, 1935 - Richmond Times Dispatch

Institue Scheduled This Week - Miss Barnes to Conduct Classes nin Pay at Camp Orapax for Virginia Department

RICHMOND, VA - This institute is held in connection with the regular quarterly meeting of private child caring institutions in the Richmond division, under the auspices of the State Department of Public Welfare. The State is divided into four major geographical sections into which the private child caring institutions and agencies fall. The conference method of approach is considered one of the most beneficial and helpful in connection with improvements in standards of childcare. This method is used in Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York. Richmond Agencies – The agencies participating in the Richmond area are the: Belle Bryan Day Nursery, Bethany Home, Brookfield, Bureau of Catholic Charities, Children’s Home Society of Virginia, Evangeline Booth Home and Hospital, Foundling Hospital, Friends’ Association for Colored Children, Masonic Home, Memorial Home for Girls, Richmond Children’s Aid Society, Richmond Home for Boys, St. Joseph’s Villa, Southside Day Nursery, Virginia Conference Orphanage, Methodist Female Orphanage of Petersburg and the Jackson-Feild Episcopal Home at Jarratt.


February 17, 1938 - Richmond Times Dispatch

Miss Walker Tells of Church Home

RICHMOND, VA - Miss Anne Walker addressed the meeting of the Junior Woman’s Auxiliary of the Church of the Good Shepherd last Monday night at the home of Mrs. J. G. Saunders of Forest Hill Avenue on life at the Jackson-Feild Home near Emporia.


February 24, 1938 - Richmond Times Dispatch

Betty Bly - Ugly Duckling Need Not Feel Discouraged

Dear Betty Bly: I am a daily reader of your column and I enjoy it. I would like to ask you one question. Would you please send me the name and address of the nearest orphan home to the Disputanta post office? Also, I would like to know if you think a girl can win a boy’s heart by her ways and actions? LONELY HEART

Dear Lonely Heart: There is a small orphanage, called the Methodist Female Asylum, at 301 South Sycamore Street, Petersburg; Miss Hattie Ferrell is the superintendent. Then there is the Jackson-Feild Home (Episcopal) at Jarratt, of which Mrs. Edith M. Gage is superintendent. The response then talked about the virtues and assets of girls and their looks and actions.

Not sure, why she asked for the information but felt compelled to list this one as well.


December 22, 1938 - Richmond Times Dispatch

Christmas Tree and Party

CITY POINT, VA - Children of the Sunday school department at St. John’s Episcopal Church, City Point, will have their annual Christmas tree party at 7:30 tonight in the parish house. Gifts will be exchanged, the children will sing carols and the Rev. W. B. L. Milton, rector, will make a short talk. Gifts also will be brought for the Jackson-Feild Home at Jarratt, which is supported by the Episcopal churches in diocese.


February 23, 1940 - Richmond Times Dispatch

Rogers Will Gives $80,000 for Charities (Listed is excerpts from article)

NORFOLK, VA – John H. Rodgers, Norfolk cotton merchant and industrialist who dies February 15, left charitable bequests totaling $80,000. It was disclosed yesterday when his will was probated in the Corporation Court here. The gross estate was listed at $2,156,000 and the First and Merchants National Bank of Richmond and John B. Jenkins Jr., Norfolk attorney, were named as executors of the will and trustees of the estate. They qualified yesterday. One of the gifts was given to the Jackson-Feild Episcopal Home of Purdy, $15,000. The Jackson-Feild Home is a mission home for little girls maintained by the Dioceses of Southern Virginia.


July 3, 1940 - Richmond Times Dispatch

PURDY, VA – Approximately 300 people attended the service at Grace Church, Purdy, Sunday, on its 100th anniversary. The Rev. Charles E. Stewart, rector, delivered the sermon at the 11 o’clock service. Holy baptismal service was held at 3 P. M. followed by a pilgrimage to the Jackson-Feild home at 3:30.

Extracts from a history of Grace Church show that it was started through the efforts of Mrs. Margaret Buchanan Cocke Wyatt, who left a widow in 1832 with two children and living at Walnut Grove, the present site of the Jackson-Feild Episcopal Home, reared many children besides her own, who were left orphans by relatives and friends.

Fitted for Church Service - Desiring Episcopal services for herself and children, Mrs. Wyatt had a ration barn fitted up for church usage, to which came ministers from Richmond and Petersburg to conduct the services. “Barn Church” served for a year or more when with the assistance of Peter Hardway and John Cole plans were made for building a church. Lumber from their home places was cut by their slave carpenters and the building erected three miles north of its present site, in Bath Parish, Sussex County.

Grace Church was moved to its present site in Greensville County about 1850, on land given by Mr. Cole and consecrated by Bishop Johns, the Communion service was given by Richard Epes of City Point.

Among the interesting records of this church is the Negro communicant list of 80 names, and over 200 baptisms, one woman having been a communicant at the age of 100 years.

Many Ministers Serve - Many ministers have served this church, and the beginning of the growth of the work is attributed to efforts of the Rev. George S. Vest, who remodeled the church, and also to the late W. G. McDowell, bishop of Alabama. The present growth is due to the Rev. and Mrs. N. F. Marshall, the Jackson-Feild Home, the Rev. P. Hill Sloan and the Rev. Charles E. Stewart, the present rector.

The records show that past ministers in this field include: The Reverends Charles Minnegerode, Edward P. and Frank McGuire, D. F. Sprigg, W. D. Hanson, P. G. Roberts, G. W. Meyer, M. N. Galusha, whose descendants live in Dinwiddie County; S. M. Bird, N. F. Kepler, D. Wingfield, Davis Barr, E. H. Ward, Robb White, R. R. Clairborne, G. W. Phelps, whose descendants still attend the church services; C. E. Woodson, J. G. Buskie, W. W. Walker, George S. Vest, Edgar Dickinson, J. R. Ellis, C. W. Sydnor, M. S. Eagle, W. G. McDowell, J. H. Gibbony Jr., H. S. Osborne and N. F. Marshall, who has served longer than anyone else and built up a strong congregation and Sunday school.


October 28, 1940 - Richmond Times Dispatch

Delegates Selected For Dioceses Meeting

LAWRENCEVILLE - Mentioned that Mrs. Wilkerson, member of the board of managers of the Jackson-Feid Home at Purdy, will attend a meeting of that board at the home today.


July 14, 1941 - Richmond Times Dispatch

4-H Club Members Go to Camp Today

LAWRENCEVILLE  - Thirty-five 4-H Club, boys and girls from Brunswick and Mecklenburg Counties will leave this morning by special busses for the Jamestown 4-H Club Camp, according to announcement yesterday by H. C. McSwain of the extension division of these two counties.

 They will join the approximately 200 club members from 19 other counties for the period July 14-19.

Miss Lobelia Shell of Gholsonville, an all-star member, will be the leader for the Brunswick group and Mrs. Low from the Jackson-Feild Episcopal Home for girls at Purdy will be leader for the Greensville group.


April 7, 1945 - Richmond Times Dispatch

Obituary - Funeral Services Held for Frank C. Gage

CALLAVILLE, April 6 -   Funeral services for Frank Carlton Gage of Callaville, who died Sunday at a hospital in Petersburg, were held Tuesday at Emmanuel Episcopal Church with burial in the church cemetery.

The rites were conducted by the Rev. F. A. Capp, of Kenbridge, assisted by the Rev. J. Entwistle, of City Point, and were concluded at the grave by Brunswick Lodge No. 52, A. F. and A. M. of which he was a member. Mr. Gage was a merchant and postmaster here.

He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Kate Smith Gage; a sister Miss Edith M. Gage, superintendent of the Jackson-Feild Episcopal Home at Jarratt; two brothers, Levi Bickwell Gage and Arthur James Gate of Hopewell and several nephews.


September 15, 1946 - Richmond Times Dispatch

W.C. Davis, Emporia Businessman Dies

EMPORIA, Sept. 14 – William Clifton Davis, 71, long active in business church and civic affairs, died Saturday at his home here.

 A native of Gloucester County, he had lived here for many years during which he served as Secretary of Daughtry-Davis Company, Inc, treasurer of the Jackson-Feild Episcopal Home and as a member of the vestry of Christ Episcopal Church.

Surviving are three sisters, Mrs. W. C. Weaver of Emporia; Mrs. Patrick H. Fitzhugh of Baltimore and Mrs. Beverly Harwood of Gloucester.

The funeral will be held at 3 P. M. Sunday at the home on Church Street, with burial in Emporia Cemetery.


February 18, 1948 - Richmond Times Dispatch


FEILD - Died at the residence of his daughter, Mrs. G. F. Baker, 201 N Davis Ave, Monday, February 16, 1948. James Cocke Feild, aged 85 years, formerly of Emporia, VA. He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Mary Briggs Feild; three daughters, Mrs. G. F. Baker and Mrs. R. G. James both of Richmond, and Mrs. F. E. Broll of Oakland, Calif; one son, James W. Feild of Alexandria; one sister, Mrs. Sallie B. Phelps, of Greensville County, VA; two granddaughters and two grandson. The remains rest at the Joseph W. Bliley Funeral Home, Third and Marshall, Funeral at the grave in Forest Lawn Cemetery, Wednesday at 2 P.M.


February 18, 1948 - Richmond Times Dispatch

James Cooke Feild

A funeral service for James Cocke Feild, 85, formerly of Emporia, who died Monday at the home of his daughter, 201 North Davis Ave, will be held at 2 P.M. Wednesday at the grave of Forest Lawn Cemetery.




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