Gary L. ALderman - Student Services Coordinator 


Thelma Andrews - (affectionately known as Nana is a surrogate grandmother to the girls) Food Service - 1996-current



Tod Balsbaugh - JFH Foundation Executive Director & Director of Development (current)

He works in the "Development" Office in Richmond, VA.




Marjorie (Margie) Pace Barbour - Therapist/Case Manager at JF Homes 9-2006 to 9-2009


Lauren Chappell Barnes - Residential Counselor (9-2010 to present)


Ann Marie Barnes


Jean S. Bass 


Thomas Edwin Bass, Jr. 


Mary "Bingham" Layne


Bonita Louise "Birth" White 


Edith Blevins 


Beth Lynn "Bolton" Phillips 


Dr. William Bowling - Director of Educational Services with the Gwaltney School (2010 - current) 


Mamie Sue Broadnax 


Carol Brown


Mr. & Mrs. Jerry S. Brown 


Noel E. Brown 


Sharon Butts - Utilization Review (2010 - current)

She ensures compliance with Medicaid provisions and trains staff in a number of specific areas.



Ann Chaffins 


D. Rebecca China - Executive Director (2001-2008) 

The Presidents of the Operation and Foundation Boards of Jackson-Feild Homes, and the Chairman of the Search Committee, announced in March 2003 that D. Rebecca China of Chesapeake, Virignia had been selected as the organization's new Executive Director. She started her duties on April 8th, 2001 and left 2008. She is married to Franklin Wayne Pond and they have two daughters.



The Rev. William Gerow Christian (9/28/02 - 3/27/98)

Dr. Christian, as he was known, was instrumental from 1962 to 1979 in raising funds and promoting Jackson-Feild all over the state, and in other states as well. He is buried in Manakin Cemetery in Powhatan, Virginia. He married his wife, Margaret Wallace in 1934 and they began a ministry that she shared with him in every sense of the word. Margaret passed away at the age of 98 on October 10, 2010.



Karlesha Coleman - Residential Counselor



The Rev. Colin Cooper (1998 - March 2007) - He served as Chaplain until his retirement. Colin left a legacy of creating a high impact Spiritual Program at Jackson-Feild. He provided individual and group Christian counseling, performed baptisms and led Sunday worship services. He also provided spiritual guidance for all girls interested in participating. 



Edward Crane - Director of Fianance (2002 - current)

He presently serves as Director of Finance and is responsible for the business and financial operations of Jackson-Feild Homes. 


Tricia Delano - Executive Director (2008 - current) 

During her 20 years of service to JFH, she has served in other capacities including case manager, Director of Programs, Director of Eleventh House, and Program Director for Jackson-Feild Homes.



Ms. Falcon (2012) 


George Elmore Feild, grandson of George Wythe Feild and son of Edward Carter Feild visits Jackson-Feild Home in August 2006 with his wife Nancy, daughter Beth Feild Pisculli and grandaughter Annalise Pisculli.


LaWanda Vincent Fisher 


Dr. Robert O Freidel - Psychiatrist (2010 - current)


Virginia Goode - Director of Health Services (2001 - current)

She is responsible for the physical health of all residents. Working with primary care physicians and specialists, she coordinates annual physical exams and bi-annual dental check-ups. She trains the staff in Standard Precautions, First Aid/CPR, and medication administraiton and educates residents on a variety of healthy-living topics. 


Stacy L "Harrup" Dixon


Christa Harrison - Residential Counselor 


Toosdhi Jackson - Director of Residential Services 

She began her career at the Barry Robinson Center in Norfolk, VA, a treatment facility for troubled youth. She then went on to work at Jackson-Feild Homes in 2010. She began working as a residential specialist and was promoted to a management position.
 She studied at Averett University  


Denise Jarratt - Career Counselor

The Rev. Robert O Johnston - Rector (Aug 1975-Feb 1979) 

Currently resides in Petersburg, Virginia.



The Rev. Robin C. M. Jones (March 2007 - current)

Robin lives with her family only a few miles from our Jarratt campus and had been serving in the capacity of substitute pastor for 2 years whenever Rev. Colin was away from JFH. She began her tenure March 2007 and is now the Chaplain and Spiritual Care Program Director at Jackson-Feild.

An article called "We love them - We invest ourselves" was published in the Independent-Messenger on August 15, 2010.



Seretha Ivey - ? - current



Evelyn Kientz 


Ellen Laseter - Clinical Director (2005-present)


Ebony Mackie - maybe Human Resource Dept


Debbie Mehl - Director of Clinical Services (2002-current)

She is responsible for the clinical services provided to current residents. She supervises their clinical staff and is responsible for program development and quality control. She has been on staff at Jackson-Feild Homes since 2002.


Judy Harrison Moore -  


Robert Eugene Nicholls - Executive Director (Dec 1993-2001) 

Currently resides in Richmond, Virginia.



Nancy Philpy - Marketing Director 2011

She works out of the Richmond "Development" Office located at 2800 Patterson Ave., Ste 302, in Richmond, VA  and handles the content on the website.


Beth Feild Pisculli - She is the Great Grandaughter of George Wythe Feild, Jr. and Jennie Bingham Feild who donated their 95-year-old ancestral home to the Jackson Orpahn Asylum. She has her own website and states that  Jackson-Feild has been very special to her, in a spiritual way. After visiting the home in 2006 with her parents and being asked to serve on the Board, she started researching Jackson-Feild and her grandfather's involvement. She stated that the enormity of it all became astounding to her. The connection that she made was one of thinking through the question...What would her ancestors think if they could see how far Jackson-Feild has come today? When she dies, she too wants to leave a legacy. She truly believes that her great-grandfather wanted that as well! He died when her grandfather was young, so he never knew of his son's 20-year involvement with Jackson-Feild...but her grandfather obviously felt complelled to live out that legacy as well, especially as his parent's only surviving child. She said she guessed we never know of the long-term affect we will have on our families, and the possibility of passing along charity, generosity, kindness, and hope to others.


Ms. Powell (2012) 


Brent Sinnett - Interim Executive Director (2001) 



Chris Thompson - Director of Administrataive Support Services (1996 - current)

He currently manages the Human Resources function of the organization and provides oversight and direction to the maintenance department. He develops and implements the annual capital budget for Jackson-Feild Homes.


Myra B Walton - Counselor 


Wendi Winstead - HPE/DE Instructor 





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