with a Gift to Jackson-Feild


Each year our Alumnae Committee make donations in honor of some of our staff members and sisters. If there is, someone you would like remembered from Jackson-Feild please email us at jacksonfeildhome@yahoo.com and let us know, as this is something that we will continue to do each year and the funds need be submitted by the end of November.
Lights of Love Tree
Hospice Support Group
412 Ingleside Avenue
Emporia, VA 23847 

Standing in front of Southern Virginia Regional Medical Center, the Lights of Love Tree symbolizes the true spirit of Christmas. Each light has a special significance. For a donation of $5.00 or more, you may have a light placed on the tree in memory or honor of a loved one. A card will be mailed to announce the gift. Each name will be recorded in a book of honor displayed in the medical center throughout the Christmas season if the donation is received by December 3rd.

The proceeds from your tax-deductible donation will be used by the Hospice Support Group to help people within our area. This organization is an all-volunteer program with presons in the communities donating their time and talent. The Hospice Support Group is not funded. It is totally dependent on the Lights of Love program, contributions and memorials.
The loving, sharing, and remembering of this season will be expressed at the Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony on Monday, December 10, 2011 at 7:00 pm at Southern Virginia Regional Medical Center. A reception will be held immediately after the tree lighting ceremony.
You can always mail your individual contributions directly to Lights of Love Tree or go through our Alumnae Committee and have them submit it for you. If you have any questions, you may contact the Hospice Support Group at 434-348-3353 and leave a message. 
Honor Someone You Know with a Gift to Jackson-Field

 Tribute or memorial gifts are a wonderful way to honor the memory of a friend or loved one while extending a helping hand to the children of Jackson-Feild Homes. When making a memorial gift, please provide the appropriate contact information so that they may send an acknowledgement. They will convey your thoughtfulness, but will not divulge the gift amount.







"The place where lives are changed forever"


Honor someone You Know with a Gift to Jackson-Feild
Even with over 155 years of dedication and work with orphans, girls in need, and at-risk girls, Jackson-Feild Homes is helpless without the support of others. People like you!

Jackson-Feild Homes relies on the ongoing support and help of thoughtful supporters who endorse their unique approach to support - providing services for the "whole girl". Never doubt for a moment that your gift makes a difference in the lives of these girls.
As Alumnae, please join them in their mission to educate, equip, and empower girls for a brighter future.
Just like their individualized services, support and giving comes in many different forms and they need them all...from money and goods to volunteers.
Ways to Contribute...Online, by Phone or by Mail!
To donate you can just click on this link http://jacksonfeild.org/.
Donations are tax-deductible!
Please give and help our sisters know that "we" do care!
Or you can always "ADOPT" a girl or her infant
Contact Ann Chaffins at 804-354-6929 or via email at achaffins@jacksonfeild.org


Jackson-Feild Homes – Food Lion Partner

Jackson-Feild Homes is participating in the Food Lion Community Rewards program to earn much-needed funding for the care of their children. They will earn a share of the program funds donated by Food Lion based on what our donors purchase.

This program will donate $1 million to charitable organizations and it is based on the purchases at Food Lion by donors who have designated Jackson-Feild Homes and other charities to be recipients of shares of program funds through the Food Lion MVP Card.

To participate, visit http://www.foodlionmvprewards.com/index.php and link your MVP Card to Jackson-Feild Homes organization code 252196. All purchases of qualified items will help Jackson-Feild Homes earn a share of these funds.

This is an easy way to help Jackson-Feild Homes while doing your weekly grocery shopping!

If you don't want to contribute in any other capacity, please take the time to do this one!





 Note: They are not listed on the 2012/2013 School year!

Jackson-Feild Homes – Martin's Partner

MARTIN’S is proud to continue the A+ School Rewards program which has benefited local schools for many years. We have donated over $10 million since the program began. For the 2011/2012 school year we will be donating $3 million.

Jackson-Feild Homes is participating in the Martin's Food Rewards program to earn much-needed funding for the care of their children. They will earn a share of the program funds donated by Martin's based on what our donors purchase.

To participate, visit / and designate your BONUS CARD for the 2011/2012/ school year using code 05763. Please REMEMBER to register EVERY school year. All purchases of qualified items will help  Jackson-Feild Homes earn a share of these funds.

NEW for 2012
You can earn MORE POINTS for your school by purchasing the following:
Earn Triple Points on Healthy Idea™ labeled items and Double Points on other participating brands.

Please note: You’ll notice some changes to the A+ section of your receipt. Points now restart at zero at the beginning of each month. At the end of each month, the points you’ve earned are factored into your school’s year-to-date earnings. Visit School Totals at the beginning of each month to see your school’s updated total.

This is an easy way to help Jackson-Feild Homes while doing your weekly grocery shopping!

If you don't want to contribute in any other capacity, please take the time to do this one!



United Way Campaign Donations


If you are a State of Virginia or federal government employee or you donat through a local United Way campaign, please remember that you can designate JFH to receive all or a portion of your campaign donation.

1.  CFC - Combined Federal Campaign - #42619

2.  CVC - Combined Virginia Campaign - #3660

3.  United Way of Greater Richmond and Petersburg - #3070

4.  Local Government and Schools - #6637

Please contact teh Development Office at 804-354-6929 for details about other United Way campaigns.



Change starts here...

Together we can create a better future! 







Can you think of anything more special than putting a smile on the face of a child on Christmas morning?
To do this we need your help. Many children who will spend Christmas at Jackson-Feild this year have never had a happy Christmas, please help us make this holiday one they will never forget.
Contact us if you, your family, church, Sunday school class, or civic organization would be interested in sponsoring all or part of a child's Christmas Wish List. Email us at tbalsbaugh@jacksonfeild.org or achaffins@jacksonfeild.org, or call us at 804-354-6929.
Or I believe Cecelia Blythe, teh Development Coordinator on campus is the coordinato for this project called the Christmas Wish List. If you would like to participate, she can be reached at 434-634-3217 ext 3025 or via email at cblythe@jacksonfeild.org.

They ask that the gifts not be wrapped, but they welcome the donation of gift bags, wrapping paper and bows. They would like to have the gifts by the first week of December and ask that they be marked with the girls’ name that you have chosen.  They need all the help they can get to be sure all the girls and babies are sponsored so I hope each of you as Alumnae will look into your hearts and give this some thought - please remember those days when we were in their shoes and what those gifts meant to us!

Or you can go directly to http://jacksonfeild.org/?page_id=311 and click on "here" to help our sisters.




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