Back of the house is what was known as “deer park”. From the cleared part of the park to the Nottoway River – one-half mile – is a most charming piece of woods. Many oaks and tulip trees of immense size are found there. One freak tulip tree, which has been named “Horse Tree” by the children, looks just like a giant horse resting against a hill.

There is a consecrated Altar, set into the side of a hill, in a spot called Fairy Glen. The altar was built by Mr. Marshall from stones the girls brought out of the river. The Glen is described as having a large stone, flat on one side with a raised back, making an ideal fireplace for summer cookouts. It is on one side of the Glen and the Altar on the other. It was dedicated in 1932 by Mr. Marshall, who said in his talk;

“This combines worship and play. Play on one side of the stream - the level place – dedicated to the patter of bare feet and the happy abandon of childhood; and on the hill, a reminder of the words “remembers now thy Creator in the days of thy youth”. “Miss Gage added, “and God does seem very near in the place that nature has provided for the children”.

There are two streams of water, one running from a deep gorge which has been named the “Grand Canyon”, and down this canyon a trail was made which leads through fern dales and fairy glens to the river, and carried one along by the swimming holes and back home by another trail, past long stretches of running cedar. The swimming hole affords a place to cool off in the summer after a mornings work in the garden.














These photos were taken on July 18, 2010 when Rev Robin Jones graciously allowed Linda Sue and me to pursue one of our memories. All the girls loved our Sunrise Easter Services at "Fairy Glen" as well as all those lazy days down by the river our swimming hole and just enjoying each others' company. Even though the area is now overgrown we located the stone alter and found to our dismay that there was some damage done during a storm some years ago. Since we were already there we forged on till we came upon the river which was as beautiful as we remember. We discussed with Robin of having the area possibly cleared and cleaned up and she said she would check on that for us. Afterwards Linda Sue and I were completely eaten up with poison ivy but getting the photos to share with you all was definitely worth the trip! A very big thanks to Rev Jones for allowing us this rare opportunity and for joining us for the long hot trek through the woods!



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