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This site is intended SOLELY for the Alumnae to share their Legacy with family and to help locate those sisters they grew up with at Jackson-Feild and want to reconnect. The definition we use for "Alumnae" is a girl or woman who has attended or has graduated from a particular school, college, or university OR a girl or woman who is a former member, employee, contributor, or inmate. We will remove anyone REQUESTING their name/photo(s) be eradicated from the website for privacy purposes, however, please do NOT assume because YOU do not want to be listed that others do not. After all, names can be very common when researching and locating individuals and most people viewing this website would be a Jackson-Feild Alumnae looking for information about Jackson-Feild or possibly someone they knew growing up there. We provide NO guarantee, expressed or implied, as to the accuracy, reliability or completeness of furnished data as it was accumulated from various websites, sources, images and statements told by the individuals involved and are using it under the “fair use” provision. Our Alumnae list was gathered and updated over a 30-year period and does NOT contain information from Jackson-Feild Home or Jackson-Feild Homes files or records but rather from other girls that remember someone and want to reconnect and is NOT used for any other purpose. This website is completely separate from Our website is strictly for those that do NOT want their own legacy forgotten with the changes that have taken place through the years at Jackson-Feild.

Some of our other information is from several websites and books and the material has been copyrighted (copyright symbol ©). Copyrighted material may not be reproduced or photocopied and may not be quoted without properly crediting the source. Although we make every effort to obtain current, accurate information, we cannot possibly check every source or complete details of information received. Mistakes can and may be made despite all our efforts at editorial precision.

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